PACE with Pros

You Can Run with Amateurs, or You Can PACE With Pros.!!! WE activate for brands by using a customized network of affiliated bloggers, brand ambassadors, promotional models, stylists, musical artists, professional athletes & actors.

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Who We Are

We are a Network of Athletes and Artists leveraging public persona to serve as Product Champions for Companies seeking to increase consumer engagement by way of Marketing, Promotions, Branding and Sales.

What We Do

Our network stimulates CONSUMER INTEREST in your BRAND. We optimize consumer experiential opportunities via awareness and exposure thru social media. The interactions obtained during local activation events supply inertia to national marketing operations. Our method is aimed to generate an impressive consumer engagement that spawns brand loyalty.

How We Get It Done

P.A.C.E. Brand Activation is the seamless integration of all available communication methods compiled in a creative platform in order to generate consumer interest, trial and product loyalty.

Connect With Us

We can create your customer promotions with our strong relationships in Sports and Entertainment.